Golden Jubilee of Indian Navy's
Submarine Arm (GJSM 2017)

Guiding Thoughts from the Grey Dolphin

      As the Submarine Arm turns 50, I acknowledge the contributions of all ‘Dolphins’ – past and present, for having taken the Submarine Arm to the pinnacle of excellence where ‘professionalism, passion and brotherhood’ are ingrained from the very beginning. Since inception, the 'Dolphins' have established a strong tradition of willingly accepting challenges of operating in the unforgiving environment that lies beneath the seas. We take pride in being ever ready to deliver the ‘knockout punch’ quickly and decisively, without being 'seen or heard’. I therefore feel exceptionally proud to lead this spirited pack of 'Dolphins’ in my capacity as the 'Grey Dolphin’.

      In our quest for excellence in every aspect of submarining may we be steered by the following guiding principles :-

Decisive and bold operations at sea

Operational and material readiness always

Leverage technology to retain the ‘Cutting Edge’

Professionalism in conduct and action

Highest levels of motivation and commitment

Imbibe safety culture through prudent risk management

Nurture leadership at all levels